Tree Of Tongues

by Exotic Animal Petting Zoo

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released July 19, 2012



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Exotic Animal Petting Zoo Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Through The Thicket...Across Endless Mountains
Virtue a sign a floating mystery
It travels with the darkest waves
It grants me trust now as it leads

Virtue grants me sympathy-brings me all my guilt
Grants me all my childish apathy yea i need my fill
Im ashamed of all the things i have to say- Ashamed of what ive become
Through the mountains across the straightaway trek the miles trek the miles

Through solitude reveals an endless wasteful day
Fiction piles of poetry left here in decay
No sinners grace on an empty page im the last, but theyre the first to burn

Selfless-Selfless-selfless Im giving in, Ive giving it all.  Theres nothing left for me anymore.
A prophet of the new age tells of riches that came from golden wells.
These stories all have to be told; she claims they can save our souls

She is the one who carries the flame
Across the highest mountain peak
I follow her through the rain
Remove her jewels and her silver crown
Lay her down the seed will grow

We sit with faith and pray
wait to see where it goes
no angels are here to take you away
no second coming to bring you home
this life in floating towers keeps following you around
and  through the mountains above the earth 
youve reached the highest point but you were never the first

Give me guilt give me sympathy
Ill bury it and watch it grow
and through the years it reveals to me im a lingering fixture
im left dying alone

So please dont take it all away take it all away dont take it away
Theres too much to replace too much to gain
Just dont take it all away maybe i can change maybe i can change

Vitrue is the occasional regress of my misery.
I am puzzling twisting and turning but so infinitely amazed